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Minutes 11-16-15


Cumberland Conservation Collaborative – General Meeting


Meeting Notes – November 16, 2015 – Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau, Carlisle


Rick Rovegno welcomed the group, and attendees introduced themselves.  Attendees are listed at the end of these minutes.


Around the Room:


CAEDC – Have updated strategic plan, which is part of the county’s overall plan.  Six focus areas and industry clusters are addressed.  Important considerations of site selection for industries considering relocation or expansion in Cumberland County are quality of life issues including area natural resources.


CC Planning Dept. – We are hosting a Nov. 17 presentation on farmland preservation at Allen Road facility.  We had $140k available for grants and over $300k requested.  Went through selection process – difficult because of so many worthy projects.  Expect grant awards to be announced in early December.


CCWA – Winding down activities for the year.  Just became aware of high capacity gas and gas products pipeline under construction now that will cut through watershed areas in the county – we need to address this situation.  CCWA will develop information for the website.


CAB – Conference planned next year on reconciling quality of life issues with growth aimed at municipal leadership and public.  Focus is what they can do. Looking for partners and co-sponsors.


CVRTC - Design and survey work continues on extension over Mt. Rock Road.  Last mile of trail from Shippensburg TWP Park into the borough is in progress.


TU – Three major projects underway: Participation in the CPC Bonnybrook land acquisition, coping with sinkholes along LeTort, and the Allenberry Youth Camp.  Applications to attend the camp are on the website.  TU is looking at what funding help can be given to CPC to assist in the wetlands purchase.


YBWA – The Yellow Breeches gets a lot of recreational use, but a growing problem is over use in Upper and Lower Allen townships.


LRA – Last stages of completing project with S. Mountain Partnership on trail improvements.  Seeking grant to extend Bonnybrook spur on the LeTort trail.  Scope of work may change due to CPC wetlands purchase.


SMP – Just held yearly planning retreat.


Audubon – Partners with Carlisle Area School District to study LeTort stream and learn about watersheds.  “Buck a Book” fair on Jan. 11 at CASD is an opportunity to set up a table and engage students.


Dickinson Law – Need to listen and engage with conservation community.  Starting classes on legislative engagement.  May be able to assist nonprofits with law student (supervised) legal support.


CPC – In a 2 year purchase window for the watercress farm on Spring Road (at south end of LeTort Trail).  Getting great support from TU, LRA and community.  CPC will be printing a book on stream use for a fundraiser.  CPC is in the process of becoming certified under the Land Trust Alliance.


CRC&D – Seven-county non-profit organization that networks people, resources and projects to promote responsible use and conservation of our region's natural, community and economic resources. Primarily focused on farm economy, tech adoption, and conservation.


CVVB – A new round of tourism grants for 2016 will be announced - $100k will be available.


4. Fiscal sponsorship policy and contract – summaries were handed out.  The policy was passed by the Board of Directors the its November 16 meeting.  Full text is on the CCC web site.  Contract with LRA has been forwarded to counsel for final review.


5. There will be a CCC Dec. 17th presentation to CC Planning Commission at their 730 am meeting at Allen Rd.


6. Discussion on 2016 strategic goals and plan.  The central question is: what should the CCC focus on for the next year or two?  Some ideas brought discussed:


Support education – continue to make classes/presentations available to civic groups and organizations.


Find a common theme – identify meetings we need to participate in and advocate (for example) if the area is to continue to develop and prosper, we need a common approach to recreational facilities, conservation, open space, etc.


Tie in to health – associate recreational development with community health; partner with hospitals, which have a mandate under ACA to track their impact via Community Needs Health Performance evaluation.


Tie in to business community – define mutual objectives


It was agreed that the next meeting (February 1, 2016) we will break into themed working groups to further develop ideas.


Participants were urged to go to the CCC website ( and look at (and identify new if needed) themes for the next meeting.




Next meeting:  The next CCC meeting will be at 6 pm on Monday, February 2016 in the CVVB.


11/16/2015 Attendees


Au Thomas Clean Air Board

Auker Dennis YBWA

Bowser Jonathan CAEDC/CVVB

Davis-Oliva Jenn PSU's Dickinson Law

Farr Shireen CVVB

Freedman Gil CCWA

Garrett Paul Green-CAUSE

Hagenborth Chet CV Trout Unlimited

Hess Katie SMP - App. Trail Part.

Maher Dave

Mummert Ben Central PA Conserv.

Richards Susan Capital RC&D

Rovegno Rick CCC

Schmidlein Bob CVRTC

Smith Holly Audubon PA

Terry Laurel PSU's Dickinson Law

Weigl Herb LeTort RA

Wilkes Jerry CCC

Williams Steph CC Planning Dept.

Yelk Anna Central PA Conserv.





















































































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