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Minutes 2-2-15

Cumberland Conservation Collaborative – General Meeting


Meeting Notes – February 2, 2015 – Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau, Carlisle


  • Rick Rovegno welcomed the group, and the meeting began with “for the good of the order.”  Attendees are listed at the end of these minutes.


  • Around the Room:


  • CV Rails to Trails Club: Waiting on bids for the Newville to Mt Rock road segment.  Three property owners have not agreed to easements to complete the Carlisle to Newville section.  One of these, a farm, is in final negotiations for inclusion in a conservancy program – which may preclude ever being able to add a crossing recreational trail.


  • LeTort Regional Authority:  Received $7500 grant for upgrades to the trail including signage and work on erosion control on the trail entrance in LeTort Park.  Repairs to vandalism damage on the bridge in LeTort park have been completed.


  • Conodoguinet WSA:  Quiet time of year.  Cleanups will begin Saturday May 16 and be held on the third Saturday of each month through September.


  • Audubon: The Waggoner’s Gap pedestrian bridge is on hold.  Not enough people would use it to make it a high priority.  Have received grant for a composting toilet at Waggoner’s Gap; it will be on the east side at the new hawk watch.


  • Central Pa. Conservancy:  (Bill Chain) Looking for new innkeepers for the Ironmaster’s Inn.  The Ironmaster’s Challenge race is April 26.  (Ben Mummert) Carlisle Borough is contemplating an agreement with the Turnpike Authority to allow 50,000 cubic yards of rubble/fill to be dumped on the Cave Hill recreational area.  This is the equivalent to a football field sized area filled to a height of 30 ft.


  • Partnership for Health: Partnership has agreed to design and pay for an ad in a local paper in support of Carlisle Quest.


  • Trout Unlimited: CV Trout Unlimited is receiving money from the Turnpike Commission to restore portions of Big Spring to original condition.


  • Discussion of actions/activities in 2015: 


  • Education:  Rick reported that he has been sending out letters followed by phone calls to school principals in the county.  Results have been favorable and he expects members with educational presentations listed on our website to be contacted.


  • Cumberland Cleanup Day: The group agreed that Saturday, May 16 would be the Spring Cumberland Cleanup Day. Members are requested to send an email to Jerry by February 16 with details on their group’s activities, need for volunteers, points of contact, and any special instructions a volunteer would need for a May 16 event.  CCC will put this information on the website and send out a news release when the information received is compiled.


  • Questions for candidates:  in view of the coming elections, members present were asked to consider what environmental questions should be asked of all candidates (especially at the county level) with responses to be posted on our website.  Responses should be emailed to Jerry.



2/2/2015 Attendees


Chain Bill                   Central PA Conservancy        

Ciarrocca James      Dickinson College                    

Freedman Gil            CCWA                                           

Hagenbarth Chet     CV Trout Unlimited                  

Mummert Ben          Central PA Conservancy         

Rovegno Rick            CCC                                               

Schmidlein Bob        CV Rails to Trails Council      

Schneider Bill          CSF                                               

Weigl Herb                LeTort Regional Authority     

Wilkes Jerry              CCC                                              

Witwer Gail              Partnership for Better Health

Zeph Paul                 Audubon PA                                




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