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Minutes 7-28-14

Cumberland Conservation Collaborative – General Meeting

Meeting Notes – July 28, 2014 – Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau, Carlisle


Rick Rovegno welcomed the group, and the meeting began with “for the good of the order.”  Attendees are listed at the end of these minutes.


  • Around the Room:


Cumberland County:


David Freed, Jack Carroll, Larry Thomas, and Justin Miller presented information on a new County program funded by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to place a total of twenty secure drug disposal boxes in selected County buildings, colleges, and each of the municipal police department offices in the County.  Their purpose will be to provide a safe and secure disposal option for citizens to get rid of unwanted opioid prescription drugs.  Opioid prescription drugs are a gateway drug to illegal drugs such as heroin and are considered to be the number one public health and crime problem in the County.


All drugs need to be safely disposed of, rather than just flushed, to keep them out of the water supply as well as being diverted for illegal use.


LeTort WA:


Have submitted a grant request to South Mountain Partnership to improve the LeTort Park end of the nature trail.  Unfortunately have seen some signs of vandalism in that area.


Yellow Breeches WA: Conducted a successful July 19 clean up.


Cumberland County Planning Department:


Sept 15 is deadline to submit a grant application to the County.




Have received funding for a crosswalk on Rt. 74 at the Hawk Watch.  Still need $130k for a bridge to make crossing the highway totally safe.  Currently developing a birding guide to South Mountain.


Partnership for Health:


We are providing matching funds for workplace health enhancements – it is a straightforward one-page application.


PA Cleanways:


We have 3 cleanup events each year.  Have been working with Vince McCallum from Cumberland Co. Conservation District on Knotweed control – it is a severely invasive species – a variety of bamboo.  Would like some GIS support to map sightings in the Conodoguinet.


CVRTC:  Will be putting up kiosks for the new trail extension.


Rick Rovegno:


Introduced his guest Tendi Sherpa who will be part of Rick’s climbing team on Mt. Everest this fall.


  • Fall Clean Up


We will need 5-6 organizations to participate on September 20.  We want to advertise more this time to generate volunteers.


  • Speakers Bureau:


Members are urged to offer public presentations through the web site (send info to Jerry to get posted.)  Currently have 12.  View currently available presentations at!educational-resources/c1xoq


  •  Letterboxing:


The concept was presented of having an ecology-focused letterbox (and geocache)  “trail” with each of the boxes hosted by a CCC member.  John Clarke stated that the BSA might like to participate in construction; Becca Raley said it might meet the Partnership for Health’s criteria for a matching grant.


5.  The next meeting will be at 6 pm on Monday, September 15 in the CCVB conference room.


7/28/2014 Attendees


Au Thomas Clean Air Board

Auker Dennis Yellow Breeches WA

Carroll Jack Cumb. - Perry Drug & Alcohol

Clarke John CCWA/PA Cleanways

Freed David Cumb. Co. DA

Freedman Gil CCWA

Garrett Paul Green-CAUSE

Ilgenfritz Heather Cumb. Co. Comm.

Miller Justin Cumb. Co. Solid Waste

Onofrey Mike PA Cleanways

Raley Becca Partnership for Better Health

Richards Susan Capital RC&D

Rovegno Rick CCC

Schmidlein Bob CV Rails to Trails Council

Thomas Larry CC Government

Weigl Herb LeTort Regional Authority

Wilkes Jerry CCC

Williams Steph Cumb. Co. Planning Dept.

Tendi Sherpa Citizen of Nepal




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