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Carlisle Quest

Carlisle Quest is a walking puzzle within the boundaries of Carlisle designed to highlight specific qualities of the Borough.  It consists of nine independant challenges that begin in Veteran's Park, at the corner of High St. and Hanover St. - also known as Courthouse Square in Carlisle.

The quest requires only a pencil or crayon and piece of paper – and the participant’s mind and feet.   Each of the nine goals is within about 1.5 walking miles of Veteran's Park.

By following the clues, players will find a 4” x 4” square of Lucite (a very hard plastic) with an engraved surface; this is the physical goal for each route.  The player holds paper on the square and rubs its  surface with a pencil or crayon which captures the engraved image.

Part of a larger picture will be captured at each goal.   All nine rubbings can be joined to form a single picture similar to the picture on the right.  It is suitable for framing, attesting to the player’s skill, mental acuity, and determination!



The first 30 successful players presenting all nine original rubbings (no copier versions!) at the Cumberland Valley Visitor's Center at 33 W. High Street to receive a framed copy of the original picture and a $5 token to shop at the Farmers on the Square in Carlisle.

Ready to play?  Hers are the clues to each goal.  Again. you have to start at Veterans Park.  The goals are independant - you can solve them in any order

Goal 1     Goal 2     Goal 3     Goal 4     Goal 5     Goal 6     Goal 7     Goal 8     Goal 9

Geocaching option:  As a variation, participants can use GPS devices to find the goals.  Select the Geocach version here.


Comments, questions, concerns, corrections?  Please email us here.

Carlisle Quest is a creation of Cumberland Conservation Collaboration and is supported by the Partnership for Better Health, Carlisle Parks and Recreation Dept. and the  Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau.

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