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Meeting Notes 1-13-19


Cumberland Conservation Collaborative – General Meeting

Meeting Minutes: January 13, 2019, Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau, Carlisle


Rick opened the meeting and began around-the-table introductions.

Mary Franco from Friends of Opossum Lake announced the date of a memorial run on March 21. The race will be ran on the angler’s access trail circling the lake with all race proceeds going toward Friends of Opossum Lake.

Katy Hess of the South Mountain Partnership commented on the 9th annual power of the partner celebration held January 9 and reminded affiliates of another workshop in March.

Jim Mader of the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail announced April 18 as this year’s date for the annual Trailfest. He also commented that 200 additional trees have been planted along the trail.

Andy Parker announced the addition of memorial benches and trailheads in Letort Park.

Luisa Lassova of the Conodoguinet Greenway Project (CGP) explained the project’s goals to affiliates.

The CGP sought the help of the CCC in receiving grants (the C2P2 and county land partnership grant) to fund a feasibility study of the project that aims to create about 15 miles of trails along the Conodoguinet. Luisa explained that three municipalities denied their request to be the grant applicant, however, they stated they would write a letter in support. The CGP has no official structure or managers.

After the affiliates discussed the proposal, Susan Richards of Capital RC&D added that many small but essential details would have to be discussed before any decisions are made.

Rick asked the table for any goals in 2020 including forum ideas.

Bill Schneider suggested a forum on water quality and quantity including teaching municipality leaders how to deal with the impending issues.

Gill Freedman suggested another forum on climate change in the fall, more specifically targeting municipal leaders.

Rick added that forum PowerPoints should be forwarded to municipal leaders and that they should receive invites far in advance prior to the next forum. Rick also commented that the next climate change forum should focus more on what local municipalities can do.

Joel Hicks of Dickinson College suggested a forum on waste management and recommended trips to waste management centers.

Steph Williams of the Cumberland County Planning Department suggested a forum on the impacts of climate change on agriculture.

Rick commented that a county climate change plan should be created. Joel added that the borough is working on a Greenhouse Gas Inventory in preparations for drafting a climate action plan later this year.

Brook Lanker with the Yellow Breeches Watershed Association suggested a forum on energy efficiency and renewable energy featuring the company’s energy-efficient products.

With no additional suggestions, Rick closed the meeting and announced the next meeting set for March 9.

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