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Meeting Notes 5-7-18


Cumberland Conservation Collaborative – General Meeting

Meeting Minutes: May 7th, 2018, Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau, Carlisle


Rick opened the meeting and started around the table introductions.


Topics Shared:


Rich Pugh, with Yellow Breeches Watershed Association shared that their Family Creek Clean up Event will be held July 15th.


Mary Franco, with Friends of Opossum Lake, shared that there will be trail improvements coming for the lake.


Steph Williams, with Cumberland County Planning Department, let everyone know that the grant opportunities are available as well as a PSA about good behavior around water.


Espoir Delmain, with the Environmental Committee of CVR, shared a meeting date, May 9th, for creating questions for possible candidates.


Lindsay Varner, with Cumberland County Historical Society, shared an event for May 10th.


Jim Mader, with Cumberland Valley Rail Trail, announced the addition of the two miles of trail.


Thomas Au, with the Clean Air Board, shared that the Air Pollution monitor center will be moving.


Kelsey Miller, with DCNR, shared information about a webinar being held on May 15th for funding opportunities.


Scott Drzyzga, with the Center for Land Use and Sustainability, announced their second annual field conference on May 16th.


Lisa Beatty, with Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association, annouced their annual clean up will be held May 19th, their board meeting, and their commemorative project to celebrate 30 years of existence.


Intern, Trish Newdeck, shared the Strategic Plan for the Future and asked for input as well as summarizing the volunteer hours that have been collected.


Intern, Margaret Dunkelberger, asked for people to continue to update the contact list, informed everyone about the new email, discussed the logo design, and reminded people about the Facebook Shoutouts.

After around the table check ins, Rick reviewed what has been happening with the McCormick Tract and explained some misconceptions. There will be a Town Hall meeting held by the School District on May 24th, at 6pm, at the High School.

Rick will be sending a thank you to the Board of Commissioners for their letter to the School Board.

Sending letters to the local press on a weekly basis to address the issue was discussed. Please send a copy of your letter for Rick and the solicitor to go over before sending to the press. Rick will also work on putting together a letter to send to the School Board and press.


After checking with everyone again, Rick closed the meeting, thanked the interns for their time, and scheduled the next meeting for July 16th, 2018.



Attendees: Rick Rovegno, Margaret Dunkelberger, Bill Schneider, Rich Pugh, Mary Franco, Steph Williams, Gail Witwer, Herb Wiegl, Espoir Delmain, Lindsay Varner, Jim Mader, Brynn Furnace, Thomas Au, Kelsey Miller, Ben Mummert, Scott Drzyzga, Gil Freedman, Lisa Beatty, and Trish Newdeck

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