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Carlisle Quest:  Geocache

Carlisle Quest – Geocache variation


Carlisle Quest is also a set of nine related geocaches – with a slight difference from traditional geocaching.  The goals do not have a container and logbook; they each have a unique 4” x 4” square of Lucite (a very hard plastic) with an engraved surface affixed to a permanent object, edifice, or surface.  The player holds a piece of paper on the square and rubs the  surface with a pencil or crayon.




Each goal will be within the usual level of accuracy of the GPS system (5-60 feet).  At each goal, part of a larger picture will be captured.  All nine rubbings can be joined to form a single picture, suitable for framing, which attests to the player’s skill, mental acuity, and determination!


The first 30 successful players presenting all nine original rubbings (no copier versions!) at the Cumberland Valley Visitor's Center at 33 W. High Street to receive a framed copy of the original picture and a $5 token to shop at the Farmers on the Square in Carlisle.


How to play:


The start point for each quest is Veterans Park (at the corner of Hanover and High Streets in Carlisle).  Program your GPS for one of the goals and find your way – walking.  Certainly you could drive or bike, but then you would be missing the essential rewards (exercise and exploring Carlisle) of this quest.


Hint: you may find a Carlisle map handy.  In some ways, this might be a little more difficult than a traditional geocache in that you will be starting as much as a mile (+) from your goal and you will have to translate a GPS direction into actual streets to follow.  Also, it will be helpful to read the goal directions for the standard version of the Carlisle Quest.


Goal 1


Coordinates N 40° 11.914 W 077° 10.995     v


Goal 2


Coordinates N 40° 11.745 W 077° 12.007     v



Goal 3


Coordinates N 40° 11.602 W 077° 11.884      v


Goal 4


Coordinates N 40° 12.451 W 077° 11.850      v


Goal 5


Coordinates N 40° 12.274 W 077° 10.924       v


Goal 6


Coordinates N 40° 12.990 W 077° 11.824       v


Goal 7


Coordinates N 40° 11.876 W 077° 12.226       v


Goal 8


Coordinates N 40° 11.829 W 077° 10.589       v


Goal 9


Coordinates N 40° 11.863 W 077° 11.473       v

Quest 1     Quest 2     Quest 3     Quest 4     Quest 5     Quest 6     Quest 7     Quest 8     Quest 9

Carlisle Quest is a creation of Cumberland Conservation Collaboration and is supported by the Partnership for Better Health, Carlisle Parks and Recreation Dept. and the  Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau.

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