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Cumberland Quest

Cumberland Quest is a series of challenges to find hidden treasures or points of interest, beauty, or adventure in Cumberland County.  It combines geocaching, letterboxing, and traditional clue-based treasuure hunting ("X marks the spot") suitable for individuals, groups, and families of all ages.  You can participate with sophisticated equipment such as GPS devices or with just a map...and yopur brain!

What is it?

Where is it played?

It depends on the quest!  Some quests, like Carlisle Quest, are walking puzzles just within the boundaries of Carlisle and are designed to highlight specific qualities of the Borough.  Other quests will range all over Cumberland County and are designed to show ecological, natural, historical, or cultural aspects of the beautiful Cumberland Valley.

Geocache versionS!

Cumberland Quests are also traditional geocaches – with the standard goals and logbooks.

Carlisle Quest is a creation of Cumberland Conservation Collaboration and is supported by the Partnership for Better Health, Carlisle Parks and Recreation Dept. and the  Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau.

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