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CVRTC Presentations

Preserving the beauty and history is the mission of the Cumberland Valley Rails-to-Trails Council. CVRTC has developed 11 miles of the former CVRR into an improved multi-use trail between Newville and Shippensburg. Enthusiasts can enjoy walking, jogging, bicycling, horseback riding and other non-motorized recreational uses. CVRTC also recently purchased the old RR corridor between Newville and Carlisle; a master plan has been completed and we are now seeking funding to start development.  

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The Cumberland Valley Rail Trail: Taking steps toward Carlisle Valley


From: Cumberland Valley Rails to Trails Council


                            Trail extension:


Date(s):  On request


Points of contact: Jim Hoefler, (717) 385-4836,

                                   Jim Mader, (717) 385-6927,


Cost: None


Minimum audience: 10


Location: At requesters site


Key words: Rails to trails, tourism, economic development, trail towns, outdoor activities, hiking, walking, biking, bird watching, volunteerism, Cumberland Valley history, Cumberland Valley agricultural heritage


Length: 40 minutes or as needed


Description: Overview of the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail


Age group: As needed


Facilities needed: Computer with projector (if possible, but not necessary)     

























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