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LeTort Regional Authority

The mission of the LeTort Regional Authority is to protect and preserve the LeTort Spring Run and its watershed by promoting flood control and developing access and recreational opportunities within the watershed. Along the run, the LeTort Nature Trail represents a great opportunity for the authority to provide the residents and visitors of the Carlisle area and Cumberland County with an enjoyable recreational experience as well as a viable transportation alternative.

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LeTort Regional Authority


Date(s) As requested


Sponsoring Organization LeTort Regional Authority,


Points of contact Jerry Gapp, home: 716.701.8898

or Herb Weigl, home:  717.245.2778; cell: 717.448.3920


Title  “LeTort Spring Run & Nature Trail”


Cost None


Minimum audience 5


Location Can be held at the requester’s site


Key words LeTort, Stream, Trail, Carlisle, Trout, Water quality


Length 15 minutes


Description Discover two of Carlisle’s natural treasures, the LeTort Spring Run and LeTort Nature Trail, at a free presentation by LeTort Regional Authority Board Members Herb Weigl. He will discuss the history of the stream that attracts fly fishermen from around the world and the 2-mile-long nature trail that runs parallel to it.


Age group 13 years old -adult


Facilities needed Indoor room, PowerPoint projector, screen, electric power    








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