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The Cumberland Conservation Collaborative (CCC) is a non-profit, 501c(3) partnership of community organizations, business leaders, educational institutions, governmental agencies and citizens united in voice and action to enhance the quality of life in Cumberland County by restoring, enhancing and protecting our natural resources. 

To restore

our parkland, trails, and waterways


Parkland, trail, and waterway preservation and expansion encompasses those activities that allow people to enjoy and interact with nature in a safe and sustainable fashion. 


Cumberland County is rich with a wide network of formal and informal hiking and biking trails as well as streams and lakes for fishing and boating. State and municipal parks provide recreational facilities throughout the County. These features and facilities provide educational opportunity as well as access to recreation in the natural world for both residents and visitors. 


A network of volunteer organizations maintains the trails and waterways with a passion for protection and preservation of the natural environment and its safe and rewarding use and enjoyment by all. 

To protect 
our air, land, and water.

Air, land, and water conservation, restoration, and enhancement include actions and activities focusing on basic elements of the natural environment of the Cumberland Valley.  It is not about maintaining a pristine natural environment - that ended over 300 years ago with European settlement.  A quarter of a million people now live and work in Cumberland County, sharing its forests, fields, and waterways, while building homes, factories, roads, and other necessities of modern life.  The challenge now is to create and maintain a sustainable balance among the contending needs of economic development and environmental preservation.  


Successful conservation is also necessary for sustaining future economic growth.  What we needlessly spoil today may be forever lost.  The ruined landscape and economies of the original Pennsylvania coalfields are a testament to permanent damage that can result from short-term profit at the expense of long-term poverty.  Economic development must be balanced with ecological impact for responsible stewardship of Cumberland County to benefit our future generations.  


Destruction of the natural beauty and livability of Cumberland County will destroy its viability for tourism, development, and residence.  Protecting our air, land, and water is in everyone's self interest.

Environmental education - ALLARM.

To enhance


our community health


Healthy communities are part of a healthy environment - and vice versa.   The CCC and its members and associates seek to enhance our communities by improving the intricately related environmental and recreational environment of Cumberland County.

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