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Meeting Notes 3-19-18


Cumberland Conservation Collaborative – General Meeting

Meeting Minutes: March 19th, 2018, Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau, Carlisle


Rick opened the meeting and provided some background information about the McCormick Tract issue.


Jack Stefferud from Natural Lands introduced himself and his organization. He then spoke on the McCormick Tract issue and brought the group up to speed as well as answering questions.


Jack Stefferud’s Mailing address:

Hildacy Preserve

1031 Palmers Mill Road

Media, PA  19063



Topics Shared:

Davis Tracey gave an update about the Heishman’s Mill and its plans for preservation.


Bill Schneider announced the verdict of the Gerrymandering issue.


Friends of Opossum Lake announced that they have accomplished their goal and will be having trail maintenance days.


Adga Jensen announced the Rails to Trails projects including: the restoration of the box car in Shippensburg and the extension of the trail in the Newville area.


Ben Mummert shared the success of the Central Pa Conservancy with the Water Crest Pond and where they received the funds to accomplish such a task.


Eric Edstrom also emphasized the accomplishments of the Central Pa Conservancy.


Brynn Furnace announced upcoming trail clean up days for the Keystone Trail Association.


Dennis Auker shared that the Yellow Breeches Watershed Association would be having their meeting on March 21st, 2018 and that Margaret would be sharing her work with them.


Steph Williams shared the opportunity for grants coming up through the Cumberland County Planning Department.


Tom Smithwick announced a planting opportunity near Big Spring in April to help rid the area of invasive species and reintroduce the native species.


Gil Freedman and Lisa Beatty representing the Conodoguinet Creek Watershed Association shared the upcoming Riparian Buffer tree planting dates.


Laura Brown announced an educational session being held at the New Kingston Fire Hall on March 29th, at 6:30. The educational forum is regarding the McCormick Tract with information about what conservation easements are, how they work, eminent domain, etc. Jack Stefferud of Natural Lands will present and answer questions.


Espoir DelMain announced that the Environmental Committee from the CVR’s meeting will be held on March 26th, at 5:30 at the Bosler Public Library.


Intern, Trish Newdeck, shared results from the survey and answered questions.


Intern, Margaret Dunkelberger, shared logo designs and brochures asking for feedback as well as her accomplishments so far.


Rick will be preparing a letter to be sent to the Cumberland Valley School Board on behalf of the Collaborative requesting reconsideration of condemnation of the McCormick Tract. A copy will be forwarded to the Collaborative. Members are encouraged to send their own letters if they choose as the School Board’s action can have far reaching effects on the efforts of all the Collaborative members. Rick will stay in contact with Jack Stefferud from Natural Lands to coordinate members support of their Legal Objection to the condemnation.


Rick closed the meeting and scheduled the next meeting on May 7th, 2018.



Attendees: Rick Rovegno, Margaret Dunkelberger, Bill Schneider, Dennis Auker, Frank Evelhoch, Laura Brown, Kelsey Miller, Ben Mummert, Gill Freedman, Trish Newdeck, Espoir DelMain, Sue, Jeff Adams, Scott Drzyzga, Herb Weigl, Lisa Beatty, Mary Franco, Rob Shaw, Jack Stefferud, Tom Smithwick, Ed Franco, Steph Williams, Brynn Furnace, Eric Edstrom, Davis Tracey, and Adga Jansen.

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