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This page outlines possible grant and other funding opportunities that may be of interest to CCC members.  

Cumberland Conservation Collaborative

Fiscal Sponsorship Policy




The purpose of this policy is to provide a summary of the procedures and protocols for the Cumberland Conservation Collaborative to sponsor, support, and administer grants for projects that further our mission.



It is the policy of CCC to provide grant support and administration assistance and services to partnering entities to enrich the quality of life in Cumberland County by restoring, enhancing and protecting our natural resources. 




  • Grant Support – Grant support may be in the form of conceptual (e.g. letter of support) and tangible assistance (e.g. administrative time).


B.   Grant Fiscal Sponsorship and Administration – Extension of CCC’s IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to partnering entities.


  • Fiscal sponsorship provides non-profit status to the project making contributions tax-deductible and grants accessible.


  • As fiscal sponsor, CCC administers the receipt and management of grants and contributions, and the authorization and payment of grants and expenses from the project fund within the approved project budget.




  • Requests for Grant Support – Requests for grant support from CCC shall be made in writing with adequate time for deliberation by the CCC board.


  • An organization or individual seeking grant support must first meet with CCC Administrative Coordinator prior to formal request.  At that time they must provide the following information:

    • Specific resources/actions requested from CCC

    • Description of the program including its purpose, goals, expected life span

    • Fundraising plan

    • Credentials for implementing the proposed program

    • List of advisory group members

    • Current and future budgets

    • Bylaws (if available)


  • The Board will review all requests received and consider each individually and separately based on their eligibility, completeness and alignment with CCC’s mission, and respond in writing at least 14-days prior to the grant deadline.


  • Requests for Grant Fiscal Sponsorship and Administration – Requests for grant fiscal sponsorship and administration by CCC shall be made in writing with adequate time for board consideration before the grant deadline. All requests shall include a complete grant proposal and application attached to be considered.



  • The requestor shall attend the first CCC Board meeting after the initial request and prior to the grant deadline.  A special Board meeting will be scheduled if required to accommodate this timeline. 


  • The Board will review all requests received and consider each individually and separately based on their eligibility, completeness, roles and responsibilities, and alignment with CCC’s mission. If CCC chooses to accept being the grantee, then it will execute an agreement between itself and the grantor as required.




  • All sponsored projects will be charged an administrative fee reflecting not less than the actual administrative, legal, accounting and other costs to CCC.


  • Fiscal sponsorship does not include or imply fundraising or financial support.



Policy was approved by the CCC BOD Nov. 16, 2015 


Members can use CCC's 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to to create and take advantave of funding opportunities.

Funding Opportunities

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