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Cumberland Conservation Collaborative
Guiding Principles for Public Education and Policy Advocacy


Who We Are


The Cumberland Conservation Collaborative (CCC) is a partnership of community organizations, business leaders, educational institutions, governmental agencies and citizens united in voice and action to enhance the quality of life in Cumberland County by restoring, enhancing and protecting our natural resources. 





The mission of the CCC is to collectively foster a sustainable and healthy community that balances economic growth with the need to preserve and enhance open space, animal habitats, clean air and water, public health, and recreational opportunities for both current and future generations.



Guiding Principles


The CCC serves as a steward of the county’s natural resources by seeking to advance the following principles through its resource monitoring, policy advocacy, and public education work: 


Principle 1: Conserve, restore, and enhance the natural resources of Cumberland County, including our air, soils, surface and groundwater, agricultural lands, ecosystems and animal habitats.


Principle 2: Preserve and expand parkland, forests, tree cover and green space, trails and trail networks, sidewalks and bikeways, waterway and riparian corridors


Principle 3: Encourage healthy community design strategies that will, for example:


• Promote sustainable energy use and energy sources in order to minimize greenhouse gas and particulate matter emissions.


• Promote municipal waste management strategies that help residents reduce, reuse and recycle goods and minimize landfill waste.


• Create agricultural initiatives such as farmers markets and community gardens to improve production of and access to local sources of food. 


• Support the use of planning tools and ordinances to protect and enhance natural resources.


How We Execute


To execute our mission and goals, the CCC members and member organizations will endeavor to:

• Identify significant challenges and opportunities within Cumberland County;


• Educate ourselves and each other about best practice approaches to the conservation challenges and opportunities we encounter;


• Promote collaboration among stakeholders and build a broad consensus within the community around the need to take actions that will enhance the sustainability of our community.  

Guiding Principles

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