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Carlisle Quest:  Goal 1

Carlisle Quest: Goal 1                                                    Approx. 1.2 miles


Start: Veteran’s Park (corner of High and Hanover St, Carlisle)


There is a Civil War memorial in Veteran’s Park to those Cumberland County soldiers who fell in the “Great Rebellion”.  On one of the memorial tablets, there is the name Henry Yost.  The title of this tablet contains a direction.    


Walk to the Old Courthouse and face the entrance.  Turn to the left and walk down the street until the cross street name contains the direction you previously found.  Turn left and proceed on this cross street.


Pay close attention to the buildings on your left for a sign that contains the missing word, on a metal sign, in the following phrase:  “_ _ _ _ aid”


Directly across the street you will see a sign next to a gate.  A person is depicted at the bottom center of the sign.  Enter the gate and find the person’s statue.  Stand facing the statue.


Note the first date displayed (the one ending in 4).  Add up the digits of the year and day in the date.  (e.g. March 11, 1940 would be 1+1+1+9+4+0=16).  Remember this number.


When you are facing the statue, you are facing north.  If you turned to your right 90 degrees, you would face east.  If you turned 90 more degrees you would face south.  Split the difference and you would face southeast – do this now.


In the distance you will see a manmade sports-related device largely made of wire and poles – make your way to it, being respectful of the neighborhood at all times.  They may be watching.


Before you get to the device and after crossing a road, you will see a vertical diamond close to the sidewalk.  Turn right and walk slightly uphill on this sidewalk past a horizontal diamond.  Turn left onto a path at the Bluebird house.  It is painted green.


Continue on the path.  It will turn to an asphalt road past a bridge; keep right on this road.  You will see a pole off to your right that attracts children (but probably not you).  It is surrounded by colors. 


In the immediate vicinity you will find a seating structure.  While facing its front (as if you were leading cheers), identify the left, rear vertical support – go to it.  Sight from the edge of that support and the previously identified pole and you will see a similar structure.  Go to it.


Remember the number you determined based on the date?  Your goal is seated within that number of paces from the structure.  Happy hunting!


V 5/11

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Carlisle Quest is a creation of Cumberland Conservation Collaboration and is supported by the Partnership for Better Health, Carlisle Parks and Recreation Dept. and the  Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau.

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