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Carlisle Quest:  Goal 2

Carlisle Quest: Goal 2                                                                                   Approx. 1.5 miles


Start: Veteran’s Park (corner of High and Hanover St, Carlisle)


The major streets of Carlisle are laid out north-south and east-west.  Walking directions will sometimes be given in these cardinal directions (e.g. turn east) so it is important that you maintain a directional “sense” throughout your walk.  Otherwise, you are lost.  Proceed at tour own peril.


There is a Civil War memorial in Veteran’s Park to those Cumberland County soldiers who fell in the “Great Rebellion”.  On one of the memorial tablets, there is the name Peter Darr.  The title of this tablet contains a direction.


Proceed north from the square one block (alleys don’t count) and go in the direction you found on the tablet at the intersection.  Proceed.  If you are correct so far, you will pass a barbershop on your left.        


Keep walking until you come to a cross street with the direction you found on the tablet.  Turn left at the intersection and walk to the first crosswalk.  Cross the street and go through the stone gate.  Look for an “old” man facing away from you and go to him.


Note his “dates” – add up the digits from both and remember the total.  (Adding the digits means if a date is 2014 then 2+0+1+4=7.)


Get back on the path you approached him on and continue until you go through another stone gate. 


Turn south and continue walking along this street until you encounter another compass direction named cross street.  Turn left and walk until you encounter yet another compass direction named cross street.  Turn south. 


Walk until you cross a street and the building on the right (SW) intersection corner has the same house number as the number you calculated from “the man” when you delete the last digit on the house number.  (e.g. house number is 345 and number from the man is 34 ~ you have a match.)  Hint: the house number is large and on a gold plaque.


Turn west at that intersection and proceed.  You will pass three not quite identical (but close) lampposts on a property on your left.  Turn left and proceed at the very next intersection.


After about 100 ft., you are across the street from your goal.  Look along the dividing fence where you would be out.


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Carlisle Quest is a creation of Cumberland Conservation Collaboration and is supported by the Partnership for Better Health, Carlisle Parks and Recreation Dept. and the  Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau.

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